Why Organic Wine?


Organic wine is made with grapes that are grown without the use of man made fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers.

Protecting the soil, plant and environment is paramount for natural organic wine producers. They use compost as fertiliser; they use cover crops between vines for biodiversity and introduce predator pests like ladybirds and hedgehogs to kill insects.

In the absence of synthetic fertilisers vine roots penetrate deep into the soil to the rocky substructure where they absorb the trace minerals that help give wines their authentic regional tastes. Organically grown vines tend to produce lower more natural yield of grape with enough natural sugar to produce alcoholic fermentation. Therefore the wine maker can keep the use of sulphites to a minimum or not at all.

The lower levels of sulphur are suspected as one of the reasons why organic wine has a reputation for being hangover free.

Our organic wine is produced by small scale, hands on wine makers. Many of them hand pick the grapes allowing them to choose the ripest and healthiest grapes.

They all believe that organic viticulture is better for the soil, plants, environment, their workers and that it creates better wine.