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McGovern Organic Wines is a family owned business based in the north west of Ireland importing and distributing organic and biodynamic wines.
Established in 2002 we have spent the last decade building a strong bond with our producers and suppliers in France, Italy, Spain, and South Africa. All our wines are sourced from small to medium size producers. They are made the age-old way, in full harmony with their environment, without recourse to modern pesticides and fertilisers.

These wines are certified organic and or biodynamic by the country of origin certification associations. When you choose organic, you are choosing a wine which is produced in partnership with nature, which supports the local environment and ensures the sustainability of the countryside.
In our range of wines we concentrate on the staple grape varieties as we find they are consistently the best accompaniment to food.
We aim to provide you the customer with all the details of our producers, the terroir and the different nuances which give each wine its particular flavour and taste.

Whether you are making wine available to others to enjoy or for your own enjoyment you will find that these selected varieties will satisfy the palates of all who try.
As a small company we guarantee excellent service and attention to detail. We guarantee all our wines quality and organic and biodynamic certification.
Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, this is important to us as it helps us to better understand our customer’s needs as we grow and improve our business.

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